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The most spectacular collaboration we've done to date with the french company Ubisoft, this time for the popular videogame Just Dance 2022 edition.


Innovating in its artistic process, Just Dance commissioned a video entirely made in stop motion. The song chosen was Mr. Blue Sky, and for the first time, we turned the iconic panda bear from the videogame into a 28 cm animation puppet.


We build eigth sets and six different characters for the creation of the video. Only the construction of the Panda took three months of work. Once again, the animation technique we used was the rotoscope (copying the reference movement frame by frame) from the impeccable work done by the Ubisoft choreographers Cain Kitsais and
Céline Rotsen.


The final result is a beautiful video of almost 4 minutes of pure stop motion animation.

Client: Ubisoft

Original idea: Ubisoft

Director: Javier Tostado

Executive production: María Lara

Head of production: Ángela Mestre

Production: Yari Salinas, Lorenzo Cotrina

Head of animation: Iván Sarrión

Animators: Iván Sarrión, Nuria Bataller, Iñaki Carbonell, Fran González, Manu Rubio, David Caballer

Concept artist: Lara Gómez, Maria Tamarit

Head of workshop: Rubén Garcera

Workshop team: Merce Beresaluze, Raúl Hernández, Víctor Sáez, Ana Lacruz, Julia Sanesteban, Vic Carrascosa, Dani Raya, Pascual Julián.

DOP: Javier Tostado

Camera assitant: Lorenzo Cotrina

Post-production: Sergio Morales, Francisco J. Martínez

Original music: Mr. Blue Sky from ELO (cover by The Sunlight Shakers)

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