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Magic of Light · The golden bird

A beautiful project brought by Hungry Films, for Bajaj Electricals, an Indian multinational company specialized on electricity.

The videos were part of the campaign Magic of Light, created by OnAds Communications, which focused on showing how the Bajaj light could significantly change the lives of people in rural villages of India.

Directed by Vijay Sawant and produced by Dharam Valia, the Hungry Films team came to Inspira to supervise the creation of the ads which later won the Blue Elephant at the 2018 Kyoorius Awards in the category of Best Animation for film advertising.

With the characters and their worlds made of paper we had to investigate the possibilities of this material for our technique, the result was especially gratifying given the strength of the exaggerated texture of the paper.

Behind the scenes

Client: Bajaj Electricals Agency: Hungry Films
Director: Vijay Sawant
Executive production: María Lara
Animator director: David Caballer,
Animators: Iván Sarrion, David Caballer, Manu Rubio, Enrique Giner, Ana Esteve
Concept art: Rosa Ballester
DOP: Javier Tostado
Post-production: María Briones


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