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Creating for tomorrow II

A very special project, made for the centenary of Asahi Kasei, a Japanese company focused on chemistry and materials science, which was founded in 1922. The products, technologies, and services of the Asahi Kasei Group try to contribute to a clean environment, to clean energy, and to longevity with health.
The campaign for the company's centenary, made entirely in stop motion, consisted of two advertising pieces. This is the second one.

Design the characters and alley
The ad consisted on a deep and philosophical conversation between a garbage container and a garbage bag, wondering “what makes garbage garbage?” This helps to introduce the new packaging functionality where consumers can check recycling rates and the history on their smartphones.


The stop motion campaign for the company's centenary was so important that it was on the news in Japan. Also the japanese streets were filled with billboards with the puppets of the ads, and the characters became toys, notebooks and other merchandising, that were created to commemorate the anniversary with the Inspira designs.

Thank you for watching!


Client: Asahi Kasei Agency: Dentsu Creative X Japan Executive production: María Lara Head of production: Ángela Mestre Production: Yari Salinas Concept artist: Maria Tamarit Storyboard artist: Lara Gómez Animation director: Iván Sarrión Animators: Iván Sarrión, Nuria Bataller, David Caballer, Pablo Llorens, Manuel Rubio Head of workshop: Rubén Garcera Workshop team: Merce Beresaluze, Raúl Hernández DOP: Javier Tostado Camera assitant: Giuseppe Caruso Post-production: Sergio Morales Making of: Giuseppe Caruso


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