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An amazing project made for Ubisoft, a french video game developer and distributor company; creators of the popular Just Dance video games. The 2019 edition, decided to include stop motion animation in the choreography of the song Mi mi mi, from Hit The Electro Beat, making a really fun video.

With a concept and design proposal, the workshop team builted a character made of foam latex, an archaeologist who came alive dancing according to the choreography. The animation technique we used was a rotoscope, which means copy the reference movement frame by frame.

Behind The Scenes

Client: Ubisoft Original idea: Ubisoft Director: Javier Tostado
Head of animation: Iván Sarrión Concept artist: Rosa Ballester
Head of workshop: Pablo Masip Post-production: Sergio Morales, Lara Gómez Original music: Mi mi mi from Hit The Electro Beat


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