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The panda's return! The second part of our collaboration with the french company Ubisoft, for their popular videogame Just Dance 2022 edition is here! This year, a new friend joins to the panda and the badger in this new adventure.
Just Dance commissioned us the second part of Mr. Blue Sky, a video entirely made in stop motion. The song chosen in this case has been Wouldn't it be nice with wich we start a beautiful travel from Alaska to California.

We built the reindeer's puppet and many different sets. It was a really hard work to create the diferent water effects and we spent several weeks studying the diffents kinds of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, snow, sea...And finally we succeeded!

Once again, the animation technique we used was the rotoscope (copying the reference movement frame by frame) from the impeccable work done by the Ubisoft choreographers.

The final result is a beautiful video of almost 3 minutes of pure stop motion animation. Ejoy the travel!

Design the puppets Our celebrities

Design the backgrounds From storyboard and concept art to final render

Let's go to dance


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