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Advertising piece made for Vivesoy, a spanish company specialized in vegetable drinks like soy, almond, oat and rice.
Shot in natural environments of a forest, in Sierra de Guadarrama, the final result achieves a perfect balance between the magic of animation and the beauty of real nature.
It is not easy to work with natural light or real movements of a forest, as they can't be controlled, but with professionalism and great technique, anything is possible.

Client: Vivesoy Production agency: Malditos produce Director: Javier Tostado
Executive production: María Lara
Head of animation: David Caballer Animators: David Caballer, Iván Sarrión, Dani Amar
Concept artist: Nacho Gallach
Head of Workshop: Vic Carrascosa DOP: Javier Tostado
Post-production: Vicente Ibañez


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