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Zain | Jeelna Line

Project created for Zain Jordan, a Jordanian telecommunications company, for the promotional campaign of its Jeelna line. This was our second collaboration with the Egyptian agency Good People.
Under the direction of Maged Nassar, an acclaimed Egyptian director, different audiovisual and animation techniques were mixed with live-action to put them all in one incredible piece.
Inspira participated in the stop motion segment, in which the heroe of the story, falls into the sea and must face a marine creature in the middle of a storm.

Our main challenge was the creation and animation of the sea, since the script indicated that it was in a rough sea. The movement achieved was thanks to the creative ideas of our workshop team and animators, who managed to create a structure that emulated ocean waves.

Client: Zain
Agency: Good People
Director: Maged Nassar
Good people production: Chantal El Haber
Executive production: María Lara
Head of production: Ángela Mestre
Production: Yari Salinas
Concept artist: Lara Gómez, Maria Tamarit Storyboard artist: Lara Gómez
Head of animation: Iván Sarrión
Animators: Iván Sarrión, Nuria Bataller
Head of workshop: Rubén Garcera
Workshop team: Merce Beresaluze, Raúl Hernández, Víctor Sáez DOP: Javier Tostado Camera assitant: Lorenzo Cotrina Post-production: Sergio Morales, Francisco J. Martínez, David Caballer Making of: Giuseppe Caruso


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