Health campaign carried out by Cantabria Labs to raise awareness about the damages of the sun in the summer, and the dangers of suffering from skin cancer.

The ad is a recipe for not “cooking” yourself or burning under the sun, and it mimic a foodie video of simple recipes to make quick meals. It was made under the pixilation technique, in which instead of animating an object, a real person is animated.
In this case the hand of a person was animated frame by frame, while she is preparing the recipe.

Client: Heliocare Agency: Grupo Idex
Director: Javier Tostado
Executive production: María Lara
Head of production: Ángela Mestre
Head of animation: Iván Sarrión Animator: George Carman
Concept artist: Daniel Rodríguez, Lara Gómez
Head of workshop: Rubén Garcerá
Workshop team: Dani Raya, Cecilia Fraccia
Post-production: Sergio Morales